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Why You’re Paying So Much to Exercise

Have you ever added up how much money you spend on fitness in a year? Have you thought about why you spend so much? Because, to be honest with you, I got strong, fit and muscular by spending little to no money. The most important aspects that affect results, like work ethic, don’t cost money. Nowadays you can get knowledge

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Fit with Hiking

Fit with Hiking. These Are The Benefits and How To Do It

Hiking is one of the best exercises to keep fit, healthy and to enhance overall athleticism. It is physically demanding on a higher elevation and it releases stress too because of the exchange of energy between nature and us. Hiking or running on trails speeds up the metabolism, increases stamina and strengthens the tendons and ligaments. A fast metabolism helps

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What is your current fitness level? What are you looking for in your journey to get fitter than ever and what do you think could help you get in the best shape of your life?